BlocPower Outreach Toolkit

First, thank you for choosing to support and invest in BlocPower’s mission to make all buildings greener, smarter and healthier. 

To maximize the impact of your investment in our crowdfunded Energy Services 3, we encourage you to spread the word about this opportunity. To make that as simple as possible, we’ve assembled this kit for you. It’s filled with social media content that will let your friends and family know what you’re up to and how they can help, too. Since this industry is regulated, please copy and paste our content as it’s displayed. BlocPower and associated companies are not responsible for any alternative language used to promote this offering.

To get to the Offering Page on Raise Green click here.

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BlocPower is driving the energy transition we should all work towards, bringing it to underserved communities, and fighting climate change. They just launched a crowdfunding campaign where folks can invest directly in energy upgrade projects and can receive a long-term financial return on investment! They are taking investments here > You can learn more about it here >
BlocPower is offering an investment opportunity. It is a peer-to-peer crowdfunded debt offering that allows you to invest in BlocPower projects like some of the largest and best investors in the world. Investments in this offering go to building clean energy projects in America’s traditionally underserved communities. Head to, look for the Invest button and share with your network. Real impact investing should always be this easy.

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BlocPower Crowdfunding Opportunity Instagram Post
BlocPower Crowdfunding Opportunity Instagram Post
BlocPower Crowdfunding Opportunity Instagram Post


Hello Friend, 

I am reaching out to tell you about this new impact investing opportunity BlocPower is running on the Raise Green investment platform.  BlocPower recently announced a peer-to-peer crowdfunded offering that allows you to invest in clean energy projects focused on low- to moderate-income communities (along with some of the largest and best investors in the world.)  

I am really excited about this new type of offering and the environmental and social good it can do. I thought you may be interested as well! If you would like to learn more take a look at the offering page and share this link with your personal and professional networks.

If you are committed to helping BlocPower reach its goal please also consider sharing on social media with the help of this Outreach Toolkit.

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